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Plugin Issues

*If you have any issues with plugins not showing up in the menus then please make sure you are using the latest update to your version of C4D. Go to the C4D menu "help" then "check for updates".

PixelBerg Reported Bugs

Known Bugs and issues
ONGOING ALL Error Messages about missing "MCVCP120.dll": Download and install: Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 (make sure you install the 64 bit package vcredist_x64.exe)
Hold ALL PixelBerg displays just graphical artifacts when using Intel Iris. It has been reported by a couple of users that with an Intel Iris GPU on a Mac PB does not function. If you have an Intel Iris and experiencing the issue or if indeed you have an intel iris and are not having issues please let me know.
Hold ALL A problem has been reported with xrefs that causes the object to be displayed twice. Scheduled to be investigated/fixed for v1.9
Hold ALL A problem has been reported where under certain hierarchies using texture tags with selections causes the tag to be ignored. Scheduled to be investigated/fixed for v1.9
[+] Old Bugs (click to expand)
FIXED IN v1.8 r17, v1.77 PB causes interactive render region "irr" to crash C4D (It has been noted that having PB installed will cause the interactive render region standard render to crash/lock up c4d)
FIXED IN v1.8 r17, ALL Take system does not work with PB and causes crash
FIXED IN v1.8 v1+ Cube map background jumps around (stutters) when zooming out really far
FIXED IN v1.77 v1.76, Nvidia In 1.76 there is an issues that the sky object will only display the ambient cube map no matter if you select specular or sky in the display options
FIXED IN v1.5 v1.4, Nvidia It been report that DOF in 1.4 does not function correctly using a nvidia GTX 460. Output has colored dots.
FIXED IN v1.4 v1.0+ It has been reported by one user that when using a NVIDIA Quadro FX 4800 the sky background will not show in the viewport.(This issue has to do with card and/or driver combination not liking explicitly setting the depth values.)
FIXED IN v1.3 v1.2, Nvidia Post effects not working correctly on NVIDIA cards.ATI does not seem effected its only NVIDIA that spits the dummy Console printing error implicit cast.
FIXED IN v1.1 v1.0 Shader Error Display Issue.Viewport is black or displays nasty artifacts console gives warning texcubeLOD removed.
PENDING REMOVAL v1.0 Applying a Pixelberg material to a null causes a crash. unable to reproduce on ATI card needs futher investigation- Only had one report of this and am unable to reproduce on Nvidia or ATI it may of fixed itself due to a update c4d/driver/os etc or be unique to op's setup.If i get no further reports i will count this issue as fixed.
FIXED IN v1.75 r17, v1.75 Transparency not showing in viewport.When HQ Transparency is turned on the pixelberg material shows no transparency.Fixed in 1.75 when using C4D r17 for previous versions the work around still applies. WORKAROUND: see video or read the transpareny Tab section in the PixelBerg Material Documentaion.
FIXED IN 1.2 v1.1 First frame of hardware render output shows artifacts. When you render to picture viewer with HARDWARE set as the render engine there are artefacts on the first frame usually visable as dark smudges.
FIXED IN 1.2 v1.1 SKY backround is not showing in viewport background or on directional light control. Cubemaps will now be created correctly regardless of whether they are visible in view port however if you can not see it in the viewport make sure you have viewport: filter->other selected.
FIXED IN r15.037 r15.008, v1.2 C4D crashes when sky object is added. It has been reported that C4d will crash when adding a Sky object using C4D r15.008 i cant find a way to downgrade my C4D version to test it, but the issue is fixed by simply updating C4D to r15.037 or later.

Vertex Normal Tool Reported Bugs

Known Bugs and issues
NONE 103 There are no known issues at this time
[+] Old Bugs (click to expand)
FIXED IN 103 102 VNT does not work in r17 - bug in C4D r17.048 AddColorChooser "#TypeError: Required argument 'settings' (pos 6) not found"

Other Support

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