Monday, 22 October 2018

Pixelberg updated for r20 compatibility

Just a quick post to let you know pixelberg has been updated to be compatible with r20. The shop has the latest version for new customers and the vip members area files have also been updated to include a r20 build. Any issues or bugs found with the r20 build please let me know. Installation of plugins for r20 differs from previous versions as plugins can now be installed anywhere as long as that location is in or added to the c4D->Edit->Preferances->Plugins->SearchPath setting. For simplicity though i would recommend just creating a plugin folder in the c4d main directory and placing it there (by default there is no plugin folder created in r20 release).

1 comment:

  1. Hi , i purchased your plugin and I must say this is one of the best plugins out there in the internet. It is a masterpiece in times of realtime rendering, Game Engines and PBR shaders. Also the post effects enrich Cinema 4D significantly and you save yourself some postwork process. Especially for me as a Game Props Modeller it is an enrichment, because Cinema still does not provide the Metalness workflow. At least I never got it that way.
    But the best is yet to come. The render times. This plugin completely outperforms Cinemas renderer. If you like stylized art films and like the look of game engines, this plugin is really an alternative. It replaces Cinemas internal OpenGl rendering, which is not good enough for my needs.

    This plugin is awesome.
    Thank you.

    Gene Ferrol