Friday, 12 August 2016

PixelBerg 1.9 pre release available for download now (VIP members)

Just a quick note to give you a heads up.

I will make another post on 1.9 closer to official release which now will be around the release of C4D r18 (as r18 is so close it makes sense to hold off a bit and include an r18 build). I will also give some more information on what i have been up to, why there has been a bit of delay between 1.8-1.9 and future direction and new features of PixelBerg. You will also notice the website get a fresh look and some new features in the next few weeks.

 Pixelberg 1.9 pr 3 is available to download now for VIP members (Those who paid the RRP for any plugin)

- You will find it in "VIP Members Area/PixelBerg C4D/pre releases" folder in your vip download area.

Feel free to download it and give it a whirl and let me know what you think and if you find any bugs. (To report bugs you can use the new bug reporting form available from the pixelberg plugin menu).

Pre releases are something I intend to do more of so when each new feature is added I will upload a pre release for VIP members inbetween official releases.

PixelBerg 1.9 release notes:

#1.9 pr3 :

  • Added Sharpen post FX.
  • Standard render post FX now done on GPU (massive speed up).
  • Sky calculations improved providing better quality.
  • Removed Sky Creation Tab as the sky maps are now ceated in realtime from a LatLong input map.
  • Fixed graphic issue with older GPUs (hopefully Iris gpu too).
  • Standard render now replaces original alpha channel as this is used for data during post fx calculation.
  • SuperSampling AA added to Hardware render and viewport.(use with care as renders at twice resolution and scales down)
  • Filmic Tonemapping Added and now default.
  • Fixed bug with mapping (Tile,seemless) so viewport matches standard render.
  • Added basic material converter PB<>C4d (not perfect because C4D materials are very flexible but should get you about 90% there in most cases).
  • Tweaked watermark so it can be set as a scale to the output imagesize.
  • Various other minor fixes and tweaks.
  • (*Removed R15 build due to upcomming R18 and plan to support last 3 C4D releases this may change if there is enough call for a R15 build).

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