Friday, 3 July 2015


SPACE MARINE-PIXELBER TEST render from Paolo Lamanna on Vimeo.

Spotted this amazing work by Paolo Lamanna utilizing PixelBerg and had to share it. Excellent work Paolo. Considering i have not yet added a dedicated skin shader the face looks pretty good.

Development Progress Update

Its been over a month since any update has been released for pixelberg so i thought i would just make a quick not on whats going on.

(Had a phone line fault that has caused me to loose telephone/internet connection for large parts of this month. Openreach have dug up the road outside 5 times this month and are still scratching there heads to locate/fix the fault. While my connection is now up and will hopefully stay that way(cross fingers) Its been fairly stressful.

I am just finishing of the Pixelberg c4d offline standard render support and this update should be out in a week or so . This means that for final render if you wish you can use c4d standard render (rather than switching to hardware). The output of the c4d standard render is 99.9% match to the viewport and while obviously slower it does have some advantages to name a few:

  • Much improved anti aliasing the same as standard c4d renders.
  • Ability to mix in c4d standard post effects and vice versa.
  • Ability to use other c4d objects/systems that are not designed/supported well in the viewport e.g grass particles ect.
  • Ability to use c4d 3D procedural textures when doing final render.(In the viewport they are still converted to 2d textures though)

This will mean that all future updates to pixelberg will also support the offline standard C4D render. And while the initial implementation is to match the viewport output it does open up possibilities that i can/may push the render output quality wise to support further non realtime effects and possibly add some hybrid realtime/offline render options to improve speed in future updates .

Thanks to everyone for their continued support,


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  1. Am I right that PixelBerg can't display real-time particles yet? like smokes with pyrocluster etc.