Saturday, 25 April 2015


PixelBerg 1.5 has been released.

1.5 Fixes DOF field on NVIDIA cards as this is a bug fix it is free of charge to all 1.4 users. If you purchased 1.4 you should receive an email shortly with links to download  v1.5.

If you are a 1.4 user and do not recieve an email (and have checked your spam box) please contact me with your original order number and i will send you the new link.

Version History
#1.5 : Fixed DOF post on Nvidia, Tweaked AO intensity weighting, added AO debug output.
#1.4 : DOF post added, sky plane material added, general fixes and improvements.
#1.3 : Fixed Post Shader Error wich cause post efects not to be displayed on NVIDIA cards
#1.2 : R15 support, metalness map support, improved ssao, improved sky creation, vignette post added, hardware render fix, general fixes and improvements.
#1.1 : Fixed Shader Error Display Issue.
#1.0 : Initial Release

I also snuck a couple of non bug fixes into 1.5:) nothing major just tweaked AO intensity weighting that gives a slightly cleaner output and added an option to see just the raw AO pass on its own to make adjusting the parameters a bit easier to see.

For non 1.4 users the server has been updated with 1.5 and it is available to purchase now.

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